Draft Horse Pull and Coon Mule Jump
Come out and enjoy the evening February 5, 2016
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Held at the
James B Hunt Horse Complex
NC State Fairgrounds, Raleigh, NC
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The first Friday in February each year!
Serving as the Grand Finale of The Southern Farm Show.
Heavy Weight
Jake and Rock
10,000 lbs, 26' 5"
Heavy Weight Pull Champions owned by Hudson & Green Lenoir, NC
Light Weight
Mike and Ted
8,000 lbs, 26' 5"
Light Weight Pull Champions owned by Tom Bowman Orangeville, PA
Mule Team
Duke and Bud
6,500 lbs, 20'
Champion Mule Team
owned by Burton and Greer Kentucky
Coon Jump
winning height of 56"
Champion Coon Jump Mule owned by Herman Cox, Thomasville, NC
The sport of horse pulling originated when horses were still used for daily farm work. Farmers would challenge one another to see whose horse or team could pull the most weight. Since then, horse pulling has evolved into an organized sport with teams of equine athlete. Many of the teams shown are worked regularly to keep their muscles and tendons strong and limber to prevent them from being hurt during competitions.

The related sport of tractor pulling developed as farmers moved away from the use of real horse power.
Horse pulling is a draft horse competition where horses in harness pull a weighted sled. The winner is the team or animal that can pull the most weight for a set short distance.

Top contenders from all over the country will be invited to compete. Our event has different weight classes - Light (3400 lbs & under) and Heavy (3401 lbs & over) . The Light Weight Division is denoted by the Orange painted hooves. Spectators will also be treated to a mule coon-jumping competition which highlights the flat-footed jumping ability of the noble mule.
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2016 will mark the 33rd year!
SNDHP strives to promote the history of agriculture and ensure the integrity of horse pulling through family-oriented entertainment.
Tickets are $12 per person. Discounted tickets are available during the Farm Show at the Graham Building, Feb. 3-5. Gates open at 5 PM. Vendors available for your shopping enjoyment. Opening Ceremonies begin at 6 pm. Free parking. Food available on-site.
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This family oriented event brings generations together to celebrate a time-honored farming tradition.
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